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Anyone looking to reorganize, cut clutter, make room for more kids, pare down what you already have...change layout, get apartment/home ready for selling...look NO further than our very own Diana Faricelli of Decluttered by Diana.  She is remarkable, professional, patient, and kind.  She's a fast worker and always leaves me inspired!! Hesitant to write this because I love her services and secretly wish she had more availability, but y'all deserve to know!!

Elana R.

Decluttered by Diana recently took so much stress out of my apartment with reorganization and ideas.  Highly recommend.

Angela M.

Another fan here! Diana Faricelli is the best! A year later, we are still organized because of her awesome reorg of our apartment.

Sara G. 

Another fan here too!!! She is amazing, life-changing.

Monika B.

Diana helped me tremendously! Countless times, I’ve tried to organize and declutter, but with two kids and one on the way, it was very hard. Also being attached to many of my possessions made it difficult to make the decision to part with them. She helped me realize certain things just didn’t hold a place (both physically and mentally) anymore in my life. 

I used to get so much anxiety going into my closet. Now I enjoy walking in and seeing all the clothes and accessories that I actually WANT to wear. 

My kids’ closets were also a huge source of anxiety. I locked both of them because they were so messy and disorganized that I feared something would fall on my children. Now they are beautifully organized and my son is excited to go into his closet and have shelves of his own with his toys. 

Diana and I also went through all my children’s clothes. This really helped because I had a tough time getting rid of them because of the memories. It turned out a good portion of the clothing was no longer my style or stained/damaged. She made this process a lot easier!!

I HIGHLY recommend working with Diana. She has relieved a huge source of stress in my life and I now feel we have the space to welcome our third child on the way!

Christina P.

Diana was instrumental in transitioning our house from a cluttered space to a much more organized and livable one. She and I worked together during the latter part of my third trimester moving my toddler's room upstairs, preparing the nursery for the new baby and clearing our home office, guest room and kitchen.  Even given my physical limitations, her efficiency let us accomplish an astonishing amount of work during each of our sessions. We will certainly look to Diana for help again in the future and I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.

Kimberly Y.

Coming from a 4,000 square foot space to a 1,200 square foot space has it own challenges and getting organized was a daunting task. Diana was very easy to work with. She never made me feel uncomfortable or silly about the stuff that I had accumulated over time. She made it easy to make decisions on what items were must haves and items that were just there. She offered solutions and ideas that my eye didn’t see in the space provided. She made the daunting task seem so easy and go by very quickly and for that, I am thankful. In the end, she left us with room to grow which is always great (and with another one on the way, a must). I appreciated Diana making the space feel more doable. Thanks for all the help! 

Vicki F.

"Diana is a lifesaver! 10 years and 3 children later, you can only imagine the amount of stuff we had accumulated.  The thought of getting our place ready to sell was overwhelming.  Diana came in and got to work! We tackled closet by closet, room by room.  Diana organized, donated and trashed! Before I knew it, our home was what I had always wanted it to be—clutter free and organized!  I couldn’t have done it without her!  Every closet, dresser and drawer was perfect!  Our home sold in a matter of days for full asking price!"

Shannon S.

"When Diana took a look at my closet she immediately said, “Oh, I can help you, no problem!”.  I was pretty skeptical to be honest.  My circa 1983 closet is ‘petite’ with 1 shelf and a metal rod, that’s it.  And to add insult to injury I share it with my husband!  But Diana transformed it within a couple hours.  It’s now spacious and so well organized I can find everything I need in an instant.   My shoes no longer spill out everywhere, they are displayed in tidy boxes where I can see them, my blouses are even color coordinated.  Plus, I have an added rod with tons of extra space so now the only logical thing to do is go shopping - win, win! 

Thank you so much Diana, I no longer stress out in the morning - I actually enjoy opening up my closet doors!"

Heather L.

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