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A collaborative approach to organizing spaces for everyday living. Diana will assist in decluttering closets, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, cabinets, bathrooms and playrooms.


Closets large & small can become a catch all of life.  Let’s work together through each closet to decide on items to toss, donate, store & keep on hand.  A list of local charities for donation drop off or pick up can be provided.  Individualized organizational solutions for each client's needs.

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As a mom of 2 active boys, I know each child is unique and so should this opportunity.  Let’s go through the kids’ bedrooms & playrooms for your child's favorite and forgotten items. Donated items will be boxed & bagged for needy children who will love them.  Organize remaining toys for playtime & books for story time.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home – let’s unclog it.  Items will be organized in a friendly, usable manner that is individualized for each family.

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People tend to either rush in the bathroom or relax, either way they can become a clutter filled area.  Let's declutter and create a system to enhance both productivity and relaxation.

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